Steering Wheel Covers For Car

Everybody likes to add some stylish look and comfort in his or her dream car. Car seat cover and steering wheel cover are the two important accessories needed to add elegant look to your car and to protect the original car seat and steering wheel. Many people choose steering wheel cover for grip or comfort. It provides extra support for the driver. However, in reality, the steering wheel cover changes the look of your car interior.

Types of Steering Wheel Covers

There are different types of Steering Wheel Covers available in market. Few materials are widely used for making steering wheel covers they are Leather, Cotton and Vinyl sheets. There are some decorative steering wheel covers available in market. They give stylish look and more comfort for the drivers. You can find steering wheel covers in two forms they are readymade and custom-made. Many car dealers provide custom-made covers and you can catch one from online shops.

Genuine Le ...

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Setting up a Double Din Car PC

DIN follows International standard ISO for car audio head units (German standard). Head units generally prepared in either single DIN (180 x 50 mm) or Double DIN (180 x 100 mm) size. The depth will be left to the manufactures preference and depends on their requirement.

There are few ways to mount the double din PC. It purely depends on the installers, user’s choice. Apart from desirablity, there are few consideration left to the installers. Such as ease of installation, Interference from alternator, power lines and ventilation of units. The following are few ways to mound the double din Car PC.

Complete Double Din Car PC mounted in dash

This setup is easy to install and neat. The motherboard normally a Mini-ITX or smaller than the Mini ...


In Dash Gps Double Din Navigation

This article is not about how In Dash Gps Navigation works, however this article is to explain how to Integrate In Dash Gps Navigation functionality in CAR PC. Due to increasing popularity of Double Din Gadgets, all in one devices are expected to rule this niche. So a complete PC will be a right choice for In Car Entertainment. Even without a PC a complete solution integrated with navigation, audio player, video player, touch controler to control all the above will be a good choice.

Double Din Navigation in a PC

I have used both external GPS Navigation device and my own Car PC integrated with GPS receiver. I am very much inclined towards running a navigation along with other applications  in a PC.  However installing a PC in a harsh enviroment such as car, boat needs great enthusiasm. If you are not that type, this installation will drive you mad. So keep that in mind when choosing ...

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Leather Seats for Car

Owing the dream car is very special for everyone. The rich look and royal touch to the interior of the car is mainly based on the material used inside the car. Normally luxury vehicle comes with built in leather seats. However, buying luxury model car is not possible for everybody. Nevertheless, you can buy after market leather seat for any automobile and you can get the elegant look of the royal car.

Leather is the natural material obtains from the animal hide, which is very soft and comfortable to use. The material is pores so it is very smooth to use. The disadvantage is that you need to take extra maintenance for leather because it absorbs the dirt easily and looks dirty soon. The leather dried out over the time so use moisturizing and polishing compound regularly to get long life for the leather seat.

Types of Car Leather Seats

The car seats are broadly categorised in to three types genuine, half and artificial leather. Artificial leat ...

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Need for Car Security Systems

Car theft becomes quiet common in every place. Car security system is one of the best methods to minimise theft. Actually, these alarm devices does not completely prevent or control the theft. However, it attracts the thief’s attention and makes him to stay away from the secured car. There are many types of security systems available in market with different price range. Some model car comes with built-in alarm system. Consider the crime level in your area before choosing the device.

Factory Installed Car Security Systems

Due to the increase of crime, many models are manufacturing with built in or factory installed car security systems. It is better to have it installed before purchasing the vehicle. In general, factory installed alarm system differ from one manufacturer to other. However, every brand has some complex combination of security in their system. If you want to install any custom-made security system, you can disconnect the fact ...

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Car Bench Seat Protector

Car is one of the most expensive items. If you have kids in home then it is important to keep the interior of your car clean and tidy. Car seats are normally made of durable materials only. However, proper maintenance will increase the life of the seat. Bench seats are the flat platform designed seat for seating more than one people in the seat. Normally these types of seating are in rear side of the car. To protect the original seat you need the seat protectors.

While travelling with kids on the rear seat, cover the seat with the seat protector is must, because you can easily get scratches, spills and dents in your seats. There are many manufacturers producing car bench seat protectors specially designed for kids and pets. These protectors are mostly made of waterproof material and durable one. Therefore, it is advisable to use bench seat protector for your rear seat while travelling with kids on the back seat.

Before Choosing Car Bench Sea ...

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Need for Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carriers

When you plan for long journey or short picnic, you may restrict some things not to take with you because of less space in your car. However, this worry is no more with you when you have a rooftop storage bag or box. It is very useful for your family trip on the vacations because, it provides extra storage place for you while travelling. Whether you are planning for holiday trip or any business trip, using these cargo carriers you can carry any luggage with you.

You can simply pack everything in the storage bag and fasten it in your rooftop rack. Using these carriers, you can take your extra luggage with you without any hassle. Today there are many waterproof rooftop cargo carriers are available in different sizes and in different models. It can take your luggage to the destination safely and you do not want to bother about the bad weather condition on the middle of your travel.

Waterproof Large Car Rooftop Luggage Carrier< ...

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All in One Double DIN Navigation Car DVD Players

In initial stage, Double DIN is mainly design for playback device. Later many new technologies are added in to these devices and make life simple and entertained. Some of the functions added in double DIN player are as follow
  1. SatNav/GPS: You can navigate your GPS at the same time with other mode such as playing audio or video file using Dual zone play technology.
  2. Bluetooth: You can connect your mobile phone and the player. Using car speaker or microphone, you can answer the call or do a call, and access phone book through the device. Moreover, playback any file directly from your mobile.
  3. Touch Screen: You can access the DVD player by touching the monitor. This option will provide easy access for drivers.
  4. Backup Camera: You can connect your backup camera to the double DIN monitor to display the rear view while you step back your car safely.
  5. USB Reader: ...


Car Wax Applicator Pads

Normally these pads are used to apply liquid or cream wax on your car. It is very important to choose right applicator for waxing. Ther are different type of materials used to make these applicators. Mostly micro fibre and cotton fabric is used for wax applicator pads.

Today there are different shapes of pads available such as rectangle, round, oval and square shapes. There are many different sizes also available. Depending on your need you can chose the shape and size. Some models provide additional features such as pocket on pads for easy usage.

Terry Cotton Wax Applicators

Terry is 100% cotton material. Mostly these pads are made of soft or firm sponge covered with 100% cotton cloth. The stiffness of the pad depends on the interior sponge. It is best to choose terry cotton material because it is non-abrasive and well good in absorption.

It is safe to use 100% cotton product over the clear coat of your car. Therefore, you can av ...

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Review on 3M Scratch Removal System

Basically a "Scratch Removal System " would remove most of the scratches from a car's paint, which are not gone beyond the clear coat. However after testing myself a few D.I.Y scratch removers, I found some are performing beyond my expectations.

Cars' painting work is comprised of a variety of layers: primer, colored paint, and a final layer known as the clear coat. I don’t normally try the scratch remover on scratches which are very deep. All can remove are very light scratches and imperfections, such as swirl marks, hazing, or oxidation. But keep in mind if you don’t follow the guide lines given by the manufacturers or 3M Scratch Removal System reviews done by professionals, there is a high possiblity that you may damage the paint work.

3M Scratch Remover Kit

The 3M Scratch Removal System gives users everything necessary for polishing, as well as the proper guidance needed to repair small clear coat scratches ...

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