Alpine CD Receiver with MP3 and WMA Player

My old Alpine stereo was still going strong, but this one had so many cool new features(included in this review) that I had to buy it. And I am very, very glad that I did.

It has the usual Alpine virtues: intuitive controls, perfect sound, etc. But some new features make it special:

USB features

 USB port on rear of unit. Attach an iPod, iPhone, memory stick, or like me, a 500 GB Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt hard drive. Have your entire music collection at your fingertips!

Imprint feature

 This automotive version of the Audyssey processor has worked miracles on the sound of my system in my truck. The PXA-H100 processor plugs directly into the back of the CDA-105 and should be considered a must-have accessory. After an hour of setup (stepping through the menus) I was shocked at the level of improvement in the overall sound. Before, it was a good-sounding car stereo. Now, it is the best sound ...

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Excellent MP3 Player with USB support

If you've given up CDs for the convenience and economy of MP3, WMA or AAC files, then Clarion's future-forward FZ409 is for you. Why bother carrying around CDs if you've already ripped them to your PC anyway? The FZ409 does away with the standard CD player and instead offers a USB port for direct control of your iPod or streaming of your digital audio files from a USB device. Connect your iPod or thumb drive and enjoy hours of music and a clean touch-sensitive interface. Expand your options by adding SAT radio or Bluetooth, connecting your steering wheel remote, or adding more power via the three preamp outputs. And if you really want to spin a scratched-up old CD, connect a portable player to the unit's auxiliary input.
MP3 WMA and iTunes AAC Compatible with ID3-TAG Display 18 FM/6 AM Presets USB Audio for iPod (Rear)
3.5mm Aux Input (Rear) Subwoofer Control 24-Bit D/A Converter
BBE MP for Compressed Audio Sound Improvement ...

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Infinity 1262W 12 Inches Subwoofer

This is a 12 inches distortion free low end subwoofer with dual voice coil. Dual voice coil brings you possibilities of wiring the voice coils in series or in parallel. This sub matches well with a 1000 watt class D amplifier. It is highly durable.

This Subwoofer sports a pair of 40 oz. magnets, extracts maximum power from D-Class amplifiers.  An Infinity Reference subwoofer makes every deep note of your music count. Whether you listen to jazz, rock, hip-hop, country, or all of the above, you'll hear and feel satisfying bass with this sub in your car.


1. Frequency response: 23hz to 400 Hz
2. power range: 100-300 watts RMS (1,200 watts peak power)
3. sensitivity: 93 dB
4. High Gloss Finish Polypropylene Woofer Cones
5. Large-roll rubber surround
6. Size is 12" subwoofer
7. dual 4-ohm voice coils
8. Progressive spider design for excellent c ...

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Need of Car Stereo Amplifiers

Do you listen to music while driving all the time if not mostly? Then adding an amplifier to your car stereo will be the right choice, as it is going to give you way good response than the stock system.

Amplifier Requirements

When choosing an amplifier, we need to get at least the following information.
1) RMS and PMPO and signal to noise ratio of the circuit.
2) Output impedance
3) Rated voltage and power requirement
4) Frequency response.


If your car Head Unit doesn't have a low level output, your amplifier will need a high level input. This allows you to connect the speaker wires from the radio directly to the amplifier.

Select a location where the amplifier will get plenty of air so it won't overheat

Car Stereo Amplifiers Installation

Installing a car audio amplifier yourself is an easy task that not only saves some money but also will give the confid ...

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Buy wide screen navigation device

If you are a first time user of GPS Navigation devices, then you may consider using The Garmin Nuvi 205W. There are not many options in the 2x5 line. Since you are interested in a simple and yet useful device, this device will fit you well. NUVI 205W is properly loaded with only essential features for the most basic navigations.

However there are really good features that will easily make the navigation very simple and effective. The best feature (at least to me) is, a new "Where am I?" option that can be used to locate the amenities near the current location.

Feature of excellence

"Where Am I?" is a feature can be found in the Tools menu from this Garmin's Navigation Gadget. Basically this utility is useful to find out your current GPS coordinates/elevation. Apart from this, you can also find the nearest address, and the nearest amenities. I use this ...

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Car Crossovers for better sound quality

Crossovers are usually used to filter the frequencies that are not required for the specific speaker setup. When you put a car crossover for the tweeter, usually high frequencies only be allowed. And the same time the low frequencies should be filtered. Other wise tweeter may get damaged due to heavy movement of voice coil. Like said for woofers the high frequencies should be filtered and low frequencies only allowed. For mid range speakers the peak high and peak low frequencies are removed.

Crossovers are normally comes in two flavours, either passive or active

Passive car crossover

Passive crossovers do not need the power for the circuit. Usually for a tweeter, a capacitor range around 4.7 micro farad will be used in series with the tweeter. For Woofers, a capacitor can be run in parallel and coil( inductors ) can be running in series to form. This is to just to have an idea of how this passi ...

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Car Capacitors to handle power surge

Car Capacitors or condensers are by nature store electric energy, and dispense when there is a demand. This allows Capacitors used in electronic circuits to filter out distortions in the flow. Larger the capacitance (measured in farads) the larger it can hold the electricity. However the voltage handling capacity also noted before choosing. Failure to do so will lead to damage.

The battery in the cars is designed to supply power to all the factory-installed components and accessories. Whenever you add accessories that drain the power like amplifiers, equalizers, active subwoofers, the batteries current supply will not handle the demands. If you feel that the power seems ok on normal conditions, but distorted when there is a heavy bass. It is a clear indication that we can use Car Capacitors to handle the amplifiers power demand up to some extends temporarily.  Most of the cases you can see the head light will dim when there is ...

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Amplifiers with surround sound

When the stock stereo systems started get boring, or when you are into the surround sound, there is a need for multiple surround channel amplifiers. Recently 5 channel car amplifiers are being installed into the cars, because of the great sound and the possibility of installing into the cars are becoming easier now a days.

Even though the functionality is little more than a stereo with extra sound channels, The important and basic things to note is the Head Unit, amplifiers and the respective speakers. If you are new to this field, you will get confused with various terms like Dolby Pro Logic, Digital surround, DTS, THX. The fact is there are variety of surround formats, because of each company’s proprietary designs and formats.

How to Choose?

When choosing which 5 channel car amplifier to get, it is also smart to look into the classes. Check whether the class of the amp that you are getting is compatible with your car. ...

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4 car speakers


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Mono Amplifier

As the name says Mono amplifiers are single channel amps. Basically used for low-frequency applications. Since mono amplifiers are stable to 2-ohms, you can connect them safely to two 4-ohm woofers (wired in parallel). Or a DVC Subwoofer as mentioned in my earlier articles

In most car   applications, a mono amplifier is used to deliver power to a single channel subwoofer. The mono amplifier produces and as well configured to deliver low frequency at a single power signal which is ideally suited to a subwoofer. Since a mono amp is more stable in maintaining electrical current resistance when power demands increase based on impedance, two subwoofers can be wired together to a single mono amp for efficient performance

Types of Amplifiers

Several types of amplifiers available in the market based on the circuits, I am discussing few here these classifications are basically based on the circuits of the transistors used. And this articl ...

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DVC SubWoofers for car

A subwoofer is a complete woofer typically between 8" and 21" in diameter and contained in a typical enclosure. Basically a subwoofer is used to reproduce a low frequency bass in the range of 20- 120  Hz. Subs are supplement to the main loudspeakers. Subwoofers are mostly made by mounting one or more woofers in a wooden container. 

There are two basic categories
1) Active Subwoofer- A subwoofer with inbuilt amplifier
2) Passive Subwoofer- A subwoofer without a inbuilt amplifier

Subwoofers comes in various enclosure designs
Bass reflex: With a port or tube in the enclosure
Infinite baffle: very large sealed enclosure
Band pass: is a two chamber enclosure, one is sealed another is with a port

Dual voice coil subwoofers or DVC Subwoofer

As we have seen, the integral part of a subwoofer is woofer. Normally w ...

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In Dash Gps Double Din Navigation

This article is not about how In Dash Gps Navigation works, however this article is to explain how to Integrate In Dash Gps Navigation functionality in CAR PC. Due to increasing popularity of Double Din Gadgets, all in one devices are expected to rule this niche. So a complete PC will be a right choice for In Car Entertainment. Even without a PC a complete solution integrated with navigation, audio player, video player, touch controler to control all the above will be a good choice.

Double Din Navigation in a PC

I have used both external GPS Navigation device and my own Car PC integrated with GPS receiver. I am very much inclined towards running a navigation along with other applications  in a PC.  However installing a PC in a harsh enviroment such as car, boat needs great enthusiasm. If you are not that type, this installation will drive you mad. So keep that in mind when choosing ...

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