Headlight Lens Restoration kit

The Headlight in every vehicle is very important for travelling in night and in rainy day. The care for headlights is very easy. But over the time your headlight lenses become dull and cloudy. It really affects the brightness of the light and also the appearance of your car.

You can replace the headlight lens with new one, but it will be very expensive. Also in some older model cars, the headlight lens is no longer available in market. So it is better to restore the brightness of your headlight lens with some Headlight Lens Restoration System kit.

Contents inside the Headlight Lens Restoration kit

3M has recently introduced a restoration system for car headlight lens. It restores the brightness of headlight lens very fast and easy. The kit includes one Disk Pad Holder, one Soft Interface Pad, six P500 Sanding Disks, four P800 Grit Finishing Disks, one Trizact P1000 Grit Foam Disk, one oz Headlight Lens Polish one Buffing Pad and the ...

Black color cars are one of the most beautiful cars. But maintaining the original glow and shine is not an easy job. Because the small dings, chips, marks and other imperfections can be easily showing on dark color cars. It’s really very hard to keep the black car as new. The vehicle should be cleaned, polished and waxed with the good quality products available in market. So that it can achieve its maximum potential glow.

Before waxing your car

There are few things to be done before waxing your black car. The car should be wash with concentrated car washing soap diluted in water and dry completely. Keep the car out of sunlight. It is better to keep it in garage or under cover. Before waxing the car you should first remove the old wax coating using car wax remover.

If you find any scratches or fine lines in your car, then it’s time to apply car polishing compound before waxing. You can use more aggressive polish for scratches that can feel when touch ...

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Review on 3M Scratch Removal System

Basically a "Scratch Removal System " would remove most of the scratches from a car's paint, which are not gone beyond the clear coat. However after testing myself a few D.I.Y scratch removers, I found some are performing beyond my expectations.

Cars' painting work is comprised of a variety of layers: primer, colored paint, and a final layer known as the clear coat. I don’t normally try the scratch remover on scratches which are very deep. All can remove are very light scratches and imperfections, such as swirl marks, hazing, or oxidation. But keep in mind if you don’t follow the guide lines given by the manufacturers or 3M Scratch Removal System reviews done by professionals, there is a high possiblity that you may damage the paint work.

3M Scratch Remover Kit

The 3M Scratch Removal System gives users everything necessary for polishing, as well as the proper guidance needed to repair small clear coat scratches ...

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Carnauba wax

Carnauba is the hardest natural occurring wax available. Carnauba wax is also known as Brazil wax and palm wax. A best carnauba wax is a wax produced from the leaves of the palm. It normally comes in the form of hard yellow-brown flakes. It is produced from the leaves of the carnauba palm by collecting the best leaves, processing them to loosen the wax, then refining the wax.

Prepare the car

Before starting the waxing process, wash your car thoroughly. It is really necessary to wash completely to take off the dirt and dusts. Otherwise hard dust particles may scratch the paint surface which will lead to hairline scratches. Dry the car completely before waxing. Avoid washing and waxing your car on a direct sun as it leads to premature drying of wax before wax is getting into the top layer. If it is a sunny day and you don’t have a choice, make sure you park your car in the shade for waxing.

How to apply the Best carnauba wax?

To ...

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Car Wax Applicator Pads

Normally these pads are used to apply liquid or cream wax on your car. It is very important to choose right applicator for waxing. Ther are different type of materials used to make these applicators. Mostly micro fibre and cotton fabric is used for wax applicator pads.

Today there are different shapes of pads available such as rectangle, round, oval and square shapes. There are many different sizes also available. Depending on your need you can chose the shape and size. Some models provide additional features such as pocket on pads for easy usage.

Terry Cotton Wax Applicators

Terry is 100% cotton material. Mostly these pads are made of soft or firm sponge covered with 100% cotton cloth. The stiffness of the pad depends on the interior sponge. It is best to choose terry cotton material because it is non-abrasive and well good in absorption.

It is safe to use 100% cotton product over the clear coat of your car. Therefore, you can av ...

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