Steering Wheel Covers For Car

Everybody likes to add some stylish look and comfort in his or her dream car. Car seat cover and steering wheel cover are the two important accessories needed to add elegant look to your car and to protect the original car seat and steering wheel. Many people choose steering wheel cover for grip or comfort. It provides extra support for the driver. However, in reality, the steering wheel cover changes the look of your car interior.

Types of Steering Wheel Covers

There are different types of Steering Wheel Covers available in market. Few materials are widely used for making steering wheel covers they are Leather, Cotton and Vinyl sheets. There are some decorative steering wheel covers available in market. They give stylish look and more comfort for the drivers. You can find steering wheel covers in two forms they are readymade and custom-made. Many car dealers provide custom-made covers and you can catch one from online shops.

Genuine Le ...

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Leather Seats for Car

Owing the dream car is very special for everyone. The rich look and royal touch to the interior of the car is mainly based on the material used inside the car. Normally luxury vehicle comes with built in leather seats. However, buying luxury model car is not possible for everybody. Nevertheless, you can buy after market leather seat for any automobile and you can get the elegant look of the royal car.

Leather is the natural material obtains from the animal hide, which is very soft and comfortable to use. The material is pores so it is very smooth to use. The disadvantage is that you need to take extra maintenance for leather because it absorbs the dirt easily and looks dirty soon. The leather dried out over the time so use moisturizing and polishing compound regularly to get long life for the leather seat.

Types of Car Leather Seats

The car seats are broadly categorised in to three types genuine, half and artificial leather. Artificial leat ...

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Car Bench Seat Protector

Car is one of the most expensive items. If you have kids in home then it is important to keep the interior of your car clean and tidy. Car seats are normally made of durable materials only. However, proper maintenance will increase the life of the seat. Bench seats are the flat platform designed seat for seating more than one people in the seat. Normally these types of seating are in rear side of the car. To protect the original seat you need the seat protectors.

While travelling with kids on the rear seat, cover the seat with the seat protector is must, because you can easily get scratches, spills and dents in your seats. There are many manufacturers producing car bench seat protectors specially designed for kids and pets. These protectors are mostly made of waterproof material and durable one. Therefore, it is advisable to use bench seat protector for your rear seat while travelling with kids on the back seat.

Before Choosing Car Bench Sea ...

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Winter Baby Car Seat Covers

As the fast growing consumer goods market, manufacturers are making diverse products to cover themselves in the market. They are in urge of things that would be practical as well as profitable to the customers. When one is going out for a vacation or a shopping in car, the baby has to be restrained well in the rear seat. Though the restraints are doing their job well, there is a need for a baby seat cover especially for winter. These special car seat covers have been tailored essential for the babies' protection and console. Baby car seat covers manufacturers have known for every baby and they would need these Baby car seat covers.

Car Seat Cover Materials

Soft Touch: Poly-cotton is the most widely used material for auto seat covers. It is very soft to touch, and also renders protection against harmful elements simultaneously.

Sheepskin: The usage of sheepskin is common next to poly-cotton for seat cove ...

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Rearview Mirrors for blind spts

This is very useful when you have difficulties driving with blind spots in your car. If you have troubles with blind spots then lane changes will become dangerous if you are not extremely careful. Using a panoramic rearview mirror will greatly reduce the blinds spots. I tried a convex mirror


These mirrors are usually easy to install with no tools, and can be easily removed as well. There are basically two plastic clips on the bottom of the mirror which can grasp the bottom of your existing rear view mirror. Additionally two plastic clips on the top of the mirror which are spring loaded and adjustable to expand around any reasonably sized rear view mirror. Once installed, the mirrors can be adjusted as you do your original mirror.

Some Points to consider

• Since it is panoramic rearview mirror, the objects (vehicles also) will look smaller. Objects are much closer than they appear in the mirror ...

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Car Air Freshners

There are several Brand new air fresheners from Air spencer air freshener . Squash is one of the sweetest and unusual addictive scents to hit the world from Japan. The Air Spencer car air freshener is a great product from the Air Spencer series. Its stylish outer cassette casing is made from very good quality plastic with a smooth sleek finish. It comes in topped with a chrome  emblem.

I know few friends who are using them and they say the squash variant is actually a best choice. And the perfume last over 3 to 6 months.

Refillable cartridge

The inner scent cartridge is refillable cassette featuring a sliding louver to adjust the strength of the scent. There are different variety of perfumes to keep your car interior rich and in nice fragrance. So this means you can just get a refill online and then just replace this with the old one.

Few fragrances

Squash-Bubble gum/candy flavor, a bit stronger Ai ...

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Car Floor Mats

Personalized car mats are usually designed to suit our taste or can be manufactured based on the given specifications. Personally I feel a good car mat will reduce your effort in keeping the car clean.  It actually protects your car floor from getting damaged also

Types of floor mats

There are different kinds of mats available. Depends on the material used we can use them for various situations. Some of them are heavy duty, some of them are easily cleanable, and some of them are looks pretty. Few example Rubber mats, vinyl mats, carpet mats and coil mats.

How the Custom Car Mat done

Companies take orders by the car make, color and material. The car mat can be designed even though to your taste from the basic design templates for the respective car make.

Advantages of a custom Car Mat

Personalized car mats can be a very reasonable solution to the problem of wearing and tearing of your old factory fitted ...

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Car Video Recorder with Laser Pointing

 Most of the devices can be connected to your car pc using USB. Remember these gadgets are not designed to be used in car pc. But we can make use of them for our car pc. As a standard they store the recorded video into a SD card
Normally a camcorder can be used, but in the market there are some devices that can be used to capture the videos. Most of the gadgets can be mounted on a car dashboard. And the laser pointer can be used to focus the camera.

Connect this to the PC

As I said earlier these devices can be connected to our PC using USB to transfer the data. At the same time the capturing video can be seen in the Car PC Monitor using a VGA cable. If everything is connected then the Car PC can record the Journey while driving. 

Power up this device

This device can be powered by individual battery along with that the device can be powered using an external resource as well

Mounting ...

Car vacuum cleaners

Car vacuums are designed with considering portability and sufficient suction power clean your car. These vacuum cleaners are small and light weight when compared to a house hold vacuum cleaner. Since you can carry these devices in car boot, you can clean the car at anytime.
These units normally work based on car supply coming from cigarette lighter socket (basically from a car battery). Most of them have a small motor and a compared to a conventional vacuum cleaner giving them less suction power. But most of the time this power is sufficient to clean the interior. There are various kinds of nozzles to work in different places. For example the narrow nozzle is required to reach very thin space like car seats edges.


This is what the main factor in choosing a car vacuum, choose the good product which has  very good and useful nozzles used in areas like car seat gaps, and mats, underneath seats, etc. Give preference t ...

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