PC Gadgets

Today we see many technological PC gadgets are available to assist us in our daily life.The latest gadgets are very smart and cool and which makes the lifestyle more simple and imaginative.Before talking about PC gadgets, let us first see “what is gadget?” Gadget can be defined as cleverly designed technological device or unusually assembled appliance. Gadgets are more interesting and innovative and imaginative Object, when compared to the devices that are designed at the time of their invention. Simply saying it’s a cool device or object.

Classic PC Gadgets

Initially personal computers were used for office purpose only. But now a day’s personal computers are moving from office to almost every place. PC’s are getting connected with our television, taking pictures (camera), video, PDA’S, and are embedded into our cars. So there are lot and lots of gadgets available for personal computer. Some basic example of PC gadgets is cordless mouse, cordless keyboard, re ...

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Car PC motherboard in Mini ITX form factor 

Are you looking for a cute little motherboard to fit into the car PC? You are in the right place.
Here I would like to share few details about the usage of Mini-ITX motherboard in the car pc.
This article may not be concentrating on the architecture of the CPU, chipset etc... But I will explain why Mini-ITX is good for a car pc.

What is Mini ITX motherboard

Basically the Mini-ITX motherboards are based on the FormFactor. The FormFactor of these motherboards are in 170 mm x 170 mm. which is the standard of Mini ITX. That’s the reason these motherboards re called as mini ITX motherboards. Few other FormFactors are Micro ATX, Flex ATX, and PICO ITX

If you have worked in embedded you may not feel that it is very small because the embedded motherboards are also very small in nature. But if you are a PC hardware assembler and mostly working in ATX based boards ...

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