PC Gadgets

This article is written by Pon Saravanan  on 20-Jan-11 Last modified on :03-Feb-11

PC Gadgets

Today we see many technological PC gadgets are available to assist us in our daily life.The latest gadgets are very smart and cool and which makes the lifestyle more simple and imaginative.Before talking about PC gadgets, let us first see “what is gadget?” Gadget can be defined as cleverly designed technological device or unusually assembled appliance. Gadgets are more interesting and innovative and imaginative Object, when compared to the devices that are designed at the time of their invention. Simply saying it’s a cool device or object.

Classic PC Gadgets

Initially personal computers were used for office purpose only. But now a day’s personal computers are moving from office to almost every place. PC’s are getting connected with our television, taking pictures (camera), video, PDA’S, and are embedded into our cars. So there are lot and lots of gadgets available for personal computer. Some basic example of PC gadgets is cordless mouse, cordless keyboard, remote control and any device that can speak.

Application PC Gadgets

Application PC Gadgets is nothing but the program. In software industry the word “gadget” refers to computer programs that can provide service without launching independent application for each task. The gadget can run in the environment where multiple gadgets are managed. Some example for application gadgets are image formats, form inputs, scripting. System clock, system calendars and whether information in Windows7 operating system is an example of the application gadgets.

Latest PC Gadgets

One of the main reasons most people like portable computers is that we can buy all types of gadgets for them. Notebook computer, Laptop, portable music player, portable video recorder, portable data storage device, digital camera, smart phones these gadgets are more useful for us in daily life. Tablet computer is a very small size portable computer gadget now widely famous in PC world. Mini digital pen camera and storage device with USB flash drive are some of the latest PC Gadgets now available in market.

Touch screen Tablet PC

Touch screen tablet pc are 4G (4th generation) computer, designed by the manufacturer to satisfy the need of consumers with high speed with low cost device. The gadgets come with front and rear facing cameras for video chatting, capture high definition videos, and high data speed network connection, run in windows7 operating system, and it is keyboard less gadget. The latest tech gadget allows windows operating system to run on cell phone chips instead of running on processors, which increase battery life in tablet pc.

Digital video Recorder

The trend in video recording changed very fast in these few years. The latest video recorder is very small size gadget which performs smarter and cool to use it. Now a day’s these gadgets comes in 4GB capacity with USB interface. There are mini digital video recorders available in market. The DVR Ballpoint Pen is the best example for this gadget. In this gadget the video recorder is designed in the form of pen which actually writes. It is user friendly gadget with USB interface.

Intel Fusion Chips

The PC Gadget, Atom Microprocessor designed by Intel is a new type of technology. The new version Fusion chips, which combines the processor and graphics operation in the same chip. This smarter and cool internet connected gadget is landing its foot in PC world.

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