Top Car Security Systems

This article is written by Pon Saravanan  on 28-Mar-11 Last modified on :17-Aug-11

Need for Car Security Systems

Car theft becomes quiet common in every place. Car security system is one of the best methods to minimise theft. Actually, these alarm devices does not completely prevent or control the theft. However, it attracts the thief’s attention and makes him to stay away from the secured car. There are many types of security systems available in market with different price range. Some model car comes with built-in alarm system. Consider the crime level in your area before choosing the device.

Factory Installed Car Security Systems

Due to the increase of crime, many models are manufacturing with built in or factory installed car security systems. It is better to have it installed before purchasing the vehicle. In general, factory installed alarm system differ from one manufacturer to other. However, every brand has some complex combination of security in their system. If you want to install any custom-made security system, you can disconnect the factory alarm and buy after market alarm for your vehicle.

Different Levels of Car Security Systems

There are many types of car security systems. Steering wheel lock is the basic level security, which can be affordable in cheap budget. However, skilled thief can cut the lock efficiently. There are many advanced complex high tech alarms available in market today. Power locking system (keyless entry), two way alarm, and car ignition immobilizer are some of the complex combination designed for specific purpose. Every gadget provides different level of security.

There are two basic level of security system available today. They are active and passive one. The passive alarm will arms automatically when you turn off the ignition and lock the car. Many factory installed systems fall under this category. Active alarm systems will arms when you manually activate the system. This type is risky because if you forget to activate then it will not protect your vehicle.

Audible Car Security System

This is the most common alarm systems widely used by the vehicle owners. The security system will produce louder siren with blinking lights if any unauthorized person try to break the window or try to move the vehicle. The main disadvantage of this model is the sound it produces. The noise pollution cause by this device is unavoidable. Talking car security system is the new invention. It is similar to audible alarm. However, it produces the siren along with the voice, which warns the thief.

Silent Car Security Systems

This alarm does not produce any noise instead of that it disables the car ignition or send an electronic signal to the owner. This type of alarm system is either passive or active security system. Two-way pager is the best example of this type. It sends written message to the owner, if anybody tries to move the vehicle. This system can only just inform the owner that somebody is steeling the car. However, it is not possible to prevent the thief or alert anybody around. There is some drawback in this model, such as the message send by the security system will reach the owner if and only if the owner is within the specific range. If he is far away from the range then he could not receive the message.

Ignition Immobilizer Car Security Systems

Ignition immobilizer is another type of private alert security system. It neither produces loud sound nor send electronic signal. It allows only the authorize person to access the ignition. It does not allow any unauthorized person to start the ignition even though the thief breaks the car. This technology is used in many factory-installed alarms in combination with the audible security systems.


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