Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carriers

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Need for Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carriers

When you plan for long journey or short picnic, you may restrict some things not to take with you because of less space in your car. However, this worry is no more with you when you have a rooftop storage bag or box. It is very useful for your family trip on the vacations because, it provides extra storage place for you while travelling. Whether you are planning for holiday trip or any business trip, using these cargo carriers you can carry any luggage with you.

You can simply pack everything in the storage bag and fasten it in your rooftop rack. Using these carriers, you can take your extra luggage with you without any hassle. Today there are many waterproof rooftop cargo carriers are available in different sizes and in different models. It can take your luggage to the destination safely and you do not want to bother about the bad weather condition on the middle of your travel.

Waterproof Large Car Rooftop Luggage Carrier

You can use rooftop storage in any type of car. However, if your car is bigger in size such as SUV or van then there is an option for you to carry extra luggage with you. Bigger size bag such as 18 cubic feet can hold more luggages. Today almost all large car rooftop cargo carriers are manufacturing with 100% rainproof material. After you organize and secure the luggage on your car rooftop, you can have more free space inside your car. It is one of the safest methods to pack huge and heavy luggage while travelling.

Waterproof Car Rooftop Cargo Boxes and Cargo Bags

The car roof carriers are dividing into two types they are storage box and bag. Normally rooftop cargo carriers are design with waterproof material such as nylon and polyester. They can be easily remove from car and fold into flat for easy storage. These bags are mostly double layer and fit into any type of rack. Cargo Box is also a rooftop carrier but this looks just like a huge size box.

These are durable and reliable one. Mostly the best car rooftop cargo box is front slope model and is effective in deflecting rainwater. These are easy to organize your luggage and it comes with heavy-duty straps to secure it with the rooftop rack. These carriers can be attaching to rack without drilling. There are many cheap car roof boxes available in market.

Car Rooftop Cargo Nets and Racks

Car rooftop cargo nets are an important thing for securing the moving luggage. If you fail to secure the camper then there is high chance for losing the luggage on the way. However, car roof carriers are comes with the straps to secure the luggage. There are few types of cargo nets available in market they are flat strap net, hitch net and stretchable net. Cargo racks are the main thing needed to attach the carrier in the car.

Without these racks, it is not possible to secure the luggage on roof. Some model cars come with built in rack but you can buy these racks separately and fit in your car. There are two types of racks available in market they are roof mount cargo rack and Hitch mount cargo rack. The rack can be basket type or rail type. Both can secure the luggage effectively. You can fit this rack into almost all vehicles. You can hook it easily around the doorframe.

Best Car Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Navigator CG09 Aerodynamic Waterproof Cargo Carrier 18 Cubic feet is designed by ROLA. This is one of the best car rooftop carriers available in market. These storage devices are design for use in most bad weather conditions. The bag of this carrier is made up of heavy- duty PVC tarpaulin with nylon and polyester. It is lightweight and can be fold into flat and easy to store. These carriers can be mounting to any type of car luggage racks.

The size of the carrier is 8 cubic feet, which can also fit to large cars such as SUV and vans cargo racks. You can unzip the bag to expand form 18 inch to 22 inch taller to store more luggages. There are six buckles are sewn on the top of the bag to secure it on the car top, you can simply buckle the straps around the cargo rack. The product comes with five years warranty.

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