After Market Leather Seat

This article is written by Pon Saravanan  on 19-Aug-11 Last modified on :19-Aug-11

Leather Seats for Car

Owing the dream car is very special for everyone. The rich look and royal touch to the interior of the car is mainly based on the material used inside the car. Normally luxury vehicle comes with built in leather seats. However, buying luxury model car is not possible for everybody. Nevertheless, you can buy after market leather seat for any automobile and you can get the elegant look of the royal car.

Leather is the natural material obtains from the animal hide, which is very soft and comfortable to use. The material is pores so it is very smooth to use. The disadvantage is that you need to take extra maintenance for leather because it absorbs the dirt easily and looks dirty soon. The leather dried out over the time so use moisturizing and polishing compound regularly to get long life for the leather seat.

Types of Car Leather Seats

The car seats are broadly categorised in to three types genuine, half and artificial leather. Artificial leather is nothing but the (PU) polyurethane material. It does not absorb the dirt from the surface so it is easy to maintain. But it is suitable for you only if you don’t mind them getting hot in summer. Half leather is the combination of leather and PU. The seating area is made of leather and all other interior parts are covered with artificial leather.

It is bit easier to maintain, extra care should be taken on the pure leather part of the seat. Next one is the 100% pure leather seats. In this, the whole interior including seats and door panels are covered by leather. The most famous genuine leather is Italian leather, which are mostly top grain or full grain. These Seats are very comfortable to use and it last for long time if maintain properly. There are more than 30 types of leather seats available in market.

Aftermarket Car Leather Seats

After market leather seats comes under any of the above three category. The custom made and readymade car leather seats are available on both retail showrooms and in online shops. Depend on the quality of the material the price differ from leather to leather. The aftermarket leather is more comfortable and more durable to use. However, the only concern is the skilled after market installer. Even though there are large varieties of leather seats available aftermarket but finding the top notch job is very rare.

Many dealers are undertaking the aftermarket leather business and offering many packages depends on the quality of leather you choose. Most of the dealer’s workmanship is good. However, before choosing any package better look into any finished sample leather seat fittings and commit with the package. In quality wise, definitely after market leather is better than the manufacturer built in leather seats.


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